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Fuck love

Dreaming into submission thinking damn I really miss him, I hate dudes who are objective to commitment like this blinded intimacy is better when you let me love you because you would never have to question my intentions

Why do men do this to women?

I mean why Fuck something if you don’t see an ending vision, why is it so easy to take advantage of the one who has feelings.

i really be feeling you but then you show your ass, making us have to end it. Ohh lord have mercy on this generation. because they are all burning either their genitals or the way they go about fornication; Hard rock, hard Rock let me in

I don’t know why you would make me cry. Feeling like damn I thought this dude was genuine.

Sometimes I want to call you just to see if you even think of me. But if you did you would take the first shot… I cannot undo those moments, or the lost time I invested into you my love  but I can turn my heart cold… and when I say cold I mean frozen solid not letting anyone through the entrance, like I know you’re thinking she’s going to miss this but I rather go without then to have you dismiss my feelings.. Having you Fuck me into “what the fuck was I thinking!” I looked into your eyes and seen realness, opened up my heart flowing with every gush,  blush, and rush of passion that  was inside of me , like this bedroom boom is more than just a tune that was placed inside of your head, it was more than a tune that kept us connected in bed, I just think that you gave up on a real blessing! I could have been everything you ever wanted, I would have catered to your needs, anything that you could have ever dream.

 I Would have proudly and victoriously taken on the title to be your Coco butter queen because “I’m your druggy, love me, when I’m ugly hug me, when I’m bummy” and promise to Love me! Let’s just not get lost, let us be found in the presence of each other, let’s love Like no other, experience life how it is, put the bullshit aside you should have seen far beyond your boyish pride. I am mysterious but far from the bitch that’s just good enough for your DICK. it could have been Any and everything you wanted to do EXCEPT, ignore this potential, ignore this missile that was ready for the fire and take off. Ugghhhh I don’t like losing and losing you is truly a heart felt lost… I put my pride aside for you, I bit my tongue for you, I answered you, I listened to you. You were the controller, I was the puppet then you dropped the Strings right on me, don’t you know how heavy that is? I really can’t stand putting up with bullshit, that’s why its so hard for me to show others that I’m truly sensitive. I mean bro we went back and forth, fought then forgave.

We had that deep convo that one day… I couldn’t stop twirling my curls so you asked me what’s wrong, and I told you, “ I feel like this is just a faze you are going through and one day you're going to leave me and I don’t want to waste my time”, and you looked me in the eyes and said, “don’t worry”… boy you really are funny because that was 5months ago and now you’re telling me that you met a girl and you “think you like her”. Serves my intuition right… After you Mr. B I will not be touched. I refuse to install any of my trust into boys who SHOULD be men. It’s like this generation really is stuck on dumb, the stupidity and disloyalty left me feeling numb, so I guess I’ll be like the rest of the good girls out there yelling FUCK ❤!

By:Brianna Sterling  


The Help

For my Nephews and Ellie

  To my Sterling Boys and Brielle   I know a lot of time has gone by since you have seen me, just know In my heart you will always be. It’s so sad to write to you as if y’all aren’t here but adult drama fills the air.  I imagine you all have grown so big and strong, your childhood laugh warms my cold days and our memories together keeps me strong. I know I’m just your aunt but y’all will forever me my Bestfriend’s, the closest thing to my own children and Gods beautiful art.  I wonder what new things you have learned, what adventures you’ve taken? How many books have you read? Have you watched a good movie? How did you do in school virtually and what little pains you hold in your young hearts💜💜💜 I remember you all being so very smart, and I know your mothers are taking very good care of you. Please be patient with them because this time in life is hard for us all.  I shed tears writing this poem but it’s been weighing heavy on my mind. The only thought that I had was why did I have

Belong To Me

 I am comfortable with the fact that no one belongs to me. It makes the challenge for love so much more sweet. The idea that someone is with you because they choose to be, is what makes it honorable even through those moments of misery.  I love, love, but can be complacent in such a fantasied daydream. I fight wars within myself to pull me back down to what I find as a rude awakening .  Some will find it odd that with all I have been through I still have the will to be so optimistic on a world that's shown me, the crooked and exposed me to some of mankind's ugliest ways. There aren't very many people who fearlessly  dream, tirelessly believe, or know how to balance transparency. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Belong to me because you want too. Wear my love like armor every where you go.  Choose me because its frees you, don't break my heart because it will always be yours. Be