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king requirements

I am a queen

I am a queen who needs my king to be whole… I don’t want a piece of a man, or a leg of a man.. I need him whole..  Like the pigment of milk that drips clearly and completely  white

 like the sun at 5pm that is fully bright

I am a queen who needs my king to be clear

Clear as summer from winter..  Clear as the wrong In a sinner.   Clear as the tongue of a scorned mad women

Clear in his speech, clear with his intentions,  clear in his aim’ clear in his reach

I need him to understand me.. Fully.. Through and through I need him to understand! Every emotion’ from my bellied laughter to my angered tears.. Understand that my silence is a cry for space.. I need my king to understand what  I accept and what I expect of him

I need my king to Stand… Stand tall  like the tallest mountain of Tibet and Nepal stand Tall like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, stand tall like the Zealous giraffe

I need my king to lead.. He needs to be the head not the butt… The king not the server..  My king needs to MAKE me submissive to him…  and not forcefully but universally I need to be connected to him

I need my king to be complete

Not obsolete


The Help


My black is beautiful. My black is powerful. My black is intellectual and spiritual.  My black is white, brown, green, yellow, and purple. My black Is universal; a movement to the moon.  My black is a song: a rhythmic blues. My black is strong and unapologetic. My black is love and hate tied bitterly sweet. My black is pleasurably pain. My black is momentum, my black is silently pleasant and loudly intolerable. My black is deep like blue and curvy like spoons. My black is still water and moving tides. My black is closely and remotely Beautiful.

False Prophet

  False Prophet He speaks words full of fire thats strong enough to burn the soul.  Tongue filled with promises that turns any woman’s cold heart into gold. I am a God! King of kings and upon the flick of my fingers you will be cursed fool!  Weep at the bend of my knees, you as a woman should shower me! Fulfill my desires and expect no Loyalty from me the Unholy God of Kings of Kings. False Prophet cant you see, my soul can not be altered by man whose flesh ages and bleeds. I am a Queen made from the father of land. Coil me in dirt and see my true skin.  Wrench the water of Poseidon from out of me down your legs and turn back into the weakened flesh that binds you to sin. Open your eyes and see the breath of life in my air! The reigns of passion boiling in my heart and the 3rd eye between my brows that causes you to turn away from me. Be aware of your played out interactions, selfish satisfaction and the unsolicited grievance you bring onto yourself. Look at the beautiful black Queens

Im Not Supposed to Think Of You

I wonder if you know how true I could be to you You just don’t know how you freed me I am no longer imprisoned in my head Every day I challenge my mind and try to do away with wasteful thinking but... I’m not supposed think of you Slow, long kisses those are my favorite. When your lips touch mines a million stars start to shine. I can’t help but think do you feel like it’s that amazing?   I catch a glimpse of you, head tilted, hands gripping my thighs, so much passion through those glasses. Those soft lips and gorgeous brown eyes.   I feel your energy clashing with mines. Your sensuality with my sexuality it’s a match that can’t be denied.   When we entwine we send the heavens shaking disrupting the angel’s peace. I wish I could keep you with me   But I’m not supposed to think of you It’s not just the intimacy that I’m attracted too, it’s that big beautiful brain that blows me away. Something about the knowledge you keep that has me wanting more and more of yo