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We are The Epitome

Beautiful black queen

Beautiful black queen

You are the epitome

You are the dream

Silk sweet chocolate skin, or smooth and creamy caramel

You must accept the hardship of bearing the world’s Challenge. Because nobody understands your rage nobody sees your passion

The world cannot confront your malice

Centuries of mind control.  They took away our privilege to stand by our men

They took away our NEED for our Kings… They raped us from Africa’s dirt

They exposed our naked bodies, they bought and sold our children and shipped of our guardians

They took away our hope of better days

Striking Black king

 Striking Black king

Nobody understands your challenge, they can’t confront your malice

Uprooted from your throne, kidnapped from your kingdom. They stripped you from Africa’s shores They brought you to your knees

They whipped your flesh and weakened your soul. They bought and sold your children then brainwashed your women. Only you know the strength you had to endure while bowing down to another man. The feeling for you and your ebony queen an abundance of humiliation. Because now she feels that you can’t properly guide and protect. Now your queen is confused and lost. No one understands the agony of losing your own people’s respect

Black queens and black kings it’s time to go over this history... You don’t see the burden of our ancestors weighing on our breed! They want us confused they want us angry! They want the queen to need their assistance for stability, they want the black king ripped away from his family! We have to stop this interval of letting ourselves down. Black man respect yourself and surly your queen will summit, prove to her she can trust you to work hard and won’t influence neglect, because the knowledge of your ability to be a real man currently can’t recollect. They want us to be incomplete because it pays into their scheme, but we must learn how to work harder and smarter for our bonds to Synchronize so our families can correctly coexist…  

Because WE are the epitome

WE are the dream

They want to speak our slang and grasp onto our Ebonics

They want to imitate our looks from our big booties to our full lips and curly eyelashes; to the swag of our walks and our unapologetic way of provocatively flaunting sexuality

They want to own that passion, they want to portray themselves Like us but they will never understand why we are the way we are! The black AMERICAN challenge permanently flowing through our blood.

How we unknowingly walk around holding back for discretion

How we have to lay down our sons because of another man’s fear of his ability to succeed

BECAUSE THE saying black don’t crack is a real and a true expression so the only way to defeat him is to lay him slain

What We go through as people we are built STRONG IN BLACK and BUILT STABLE LIKE PLAQUE

We are the epitome

We are the Dream

By: Brianna Camille Sterling



The Help

No doggy Zone

Could you turn off the dog in you off for just a second? Fishing for fish but you are not able to see the real goddess before you! Baby a blessing😜 How many of my nights ruined by arrogance😭 Thinking honestly why cant you just cherish this...  Cherish the chatter the laughter the moments that are genuine😁 the thought of some one lusting about what was between my legs, what was behind my back and what was placed on my chest. Dude really! You are a mess! There is more too me than sexiness. Could you just turn the dog in you off for just a second! I want a mutual attraction, An every week interaction(everyday gets boring too quick) I’m sorry I’m not looking for temporary satisfaction. If you would just turn down your testosterone a bit, and look at me with nothing but the eagerness to learn about me and my brain full of shit maybe we could make something worth the wild and be lit😂😂


My black is beautiful. My black is powerful. My black is intellectual and spiritual. 
My black is white, brown, green, yellow, and purple. My black Is universal; a movement to the moon. 
My black is a song: a rhythmic blues. My black is strong and unapologetic. My black is love and hate tied bitterly sweet.
My black is pleasurably pain. My black is momentum, my black is silently pleasant and loudly intolerable. My black is deep like blue and curvy like spoons. My black is still water and moving tides. My black is closely and remotely Beautiful.

Im Not Supposed to Think Of You

I wonder if you know how true I could be to you
You just don’t know how you freed me
I am no longer imprisoned in my head
Every day I challenge my mind and try to do away with wasteful thinking but...
I’m not supposed think of you
Slow, long kisses those are my favorite. When your lips touch mines a million stars start to shine. I can’t help but think do you feel like it’s that amazing?I catch a glimpse of you, head tilted, hands gripping my thighs, so much passion through those glasses. Those soft lips and gorgeous brown eyes.
I feel your energy clashing with mines. Your sensuality with my sexuality it’s a match that can’t be denied.When we entwine we send the heavens shaking disrupting the angel’s peace. I wish I could keep you with me
But I’m not supposed to think of you
It’s not just the intimacy that I’m attracted too, it’s that big beautiful brain that blows me away. Something about the knowledge you keep that has me wanting more and more of your time. I crack codes but you🤤 you a…