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The silence kills me

This week has been crazy, I’ve lost my relationship with my sister. My granny is in the hospitalšŸ˜“  I’ve also been given the opportunity to help homeless students all around Texas but it’s forcing me to go back into the dark days of my childhood and high school years. I don’t talk about the fact that I was homeless from the age of 13-17, because then I’ll have to accept the fact that my mother really didn’t love me. The silence kills me  In a time of healing where quiet work is done, I’m drowning inside the silence. The feeling of being so close to someone but never being able to speak. A whirlwind of emotions swirling around me  I’m caged into the inner expression of my childhood. Past, present, future... will they soon meet?  Rejection: the silent pain of I’m not good enough for them, how could there be a champion in me. Make the world stand still beneath my feet. So I can see where I fell short of loves company  Childhood Trauma  ,” Mama why won’t you sp