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Pretty Little Lies

You say you want me to be yours with my soul undressed and heart fully exposed. But you ridicule me  for wanting your love. Why are the most charming men Hoes?

Don't play with my heart with those pretty little lies. 

Those head rubs and mischief hands all around my thighs. Don't tell me that was all you wanted, When we were up all night laughing and fucking. This Misogynist bullshit throws good women off their focus.

Dont blind side me with those big ugly lies.

You say I was just good enough for a quickie and I have a brain the size of a pumpkin seed. You say Im worthless and a big mouth girl is inappropriate. I'm overcalling and over texting I'm becoming impulsive. I'm losing control because I know this person your describing is not the true description of me. 
Fuck I need to breath.

I had to breath in an out and tell myself that those characteristics are apart of my wounded skin. The skin that you relentlessly  wont let me shed. 

I am women, from the rib of Adam and mother of earth. My sexual needs are human and shouldn't be seen as off-putting . A women's physical pleasure isn't rotten or hellish. Its natural and heaven sent. 

I am black , from the absent of light, but it continues to shine through me. I have been left behind in this world and at times my voice is Unheard so I choose to shout frantically! 

I am a child, and from the dirt I was made, shaped and molded to live and breath. But you suffocate me soaking up all the life I have in me. Tell me why you’re  so bent on making me unhappy?

Don't become victim of those pretty little lies,

I have hope that I will find love, but right now the sociopaths are on the rise.
They are haters in disguise, these greedy bastards will eat you alive! 
They smile in your face but when you point out their wrong they use your flaws to bring tears to your eyes. 

 I want to be free with all parts of me! With my big bones, and dark skin and goofy personality. I want to date a man who isn't afraid of  women who thinks freely, and speaks up when she feels the need. A women who takes pride in her sexuality and aint afraid to say I didn't like the way you fucked me.

Lady's don't stoop to their level by calling them names and thinking it will hurt them. It won't. Don't lose your mind blowing no nigga up and over texting trying to prove a point. Your conscious is clear you arent the one who needs saving Queen. If man truly cares about you he wouldn't call you names and disrespect you. 

I know Im not the perfect person. I know I act crazy(but what women doesn't?) I acknowledge that there are behaviors I have to unlearn.I also know I need the right kind of man to be patient and learn me instead of getting mad or brushing me off. I need to be patient with myself and know that love will come to me in the right time. Until then, I will heal and write. 


The Help


He felt like home. Like grandpa’s hugs and granny’s kisses. Like a  school bus ride home, and  evening sunsets. Like afternoon Lunch with your Best-friends. He felt like home. Arms with an instant ease of peace, chocolate lips And a grin so sweet. He felt like ice cream on a summers day. He felt like a sunshine ray , and a Shooting stars runaway. He felt like home He felt like  Twilight, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn. He was was as high as the sky  and as bright as Nebula. He felt like why have I never felt this way before? He felt like a shower after a long day at work, like back-rubs And bath bomb soap . He felt like India’s Aries “Brown skin…  I can’t tell where mines is and where yours begins”. He felt like hopes redeeming  and pains end. He felt like home. Of course felt is past tense. But it’s still memorizing to dream of who we used to be. The trauma that can Happen when direct and in-direct meet. Like I’m saying things I don’t mean Because you act a certai