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Soul Dancing Unapolgetically

 I have been too fearful of my own potential, my own strengths and my own voice. I let my broken pieces define me and became content with being a mess. 

Is everyone this hard on themselves or am I too rigid to see that my flaws are human, nothing less. That my pain is identifiable that my fears are shackles of the brain, and my potential is undeniable. 

Where did I learn to self-hate? Who can I truly Blame for such an ugly pattern of I’m not happy to wake up and see my own face.

 I get so stuck in my misery that I block out the whole world until I feel like myself  again.  

It takes too much energy to dwell in the past, and even more to pass around smiles that are fake. 

I find myself disconnecting from my core, and I see only the masquerade I bore. It gets dark, so dark when you’re an empath who can feel to the depths of ones soul. 

I will take on all the negative energy but in hopes that something nurturing can be reborn.

 They say don’t let anyone throw that on you and I won’t anymore. I won’t let anyone’s bad spirited energy over crowd my mind, I won’t let them tie my tongue. I won’t let their pry split my sight. 

I feel myself reconnecting, as the universe opens up. I’m back in God’s grace. My soul can now move vibrantly to the Astro plane. Right back to the motherland, until God says it’s time for it to rest. I’ve been more humble than I’ve ever been, my writings deeper, my thoughts clearer and my emotions stable . It feels like cool water and I’m just ready to dive in. 

My soul is dancing unapologetically.

 It takes no form it fills the room, it makes arm hairs raise. She has been hibernate, closed off in locked doors regenerating her strength. She has been bruised, her dream catcher filled with  borrowed sorrow. Her hunger unidentifiable so her belly grows large and her waist extends.

 She is raptured in pure emotion not knowing whose feelings are hers or the other persons. Trying to devote time to destress. Trying to be self-aware as she navigates to a time of when she showed  the grimiest of Grim Reapers the act of being self-less. Yunno the acts of kindness that have nothing to do with self, the ones that are profoundly announced, " No matter what I will be there" Those situations that have nothing to do with you but you still take the time to be compassionate and care. She has been tampered with, ignored neglected, but still rises with the air, she is rare🀍



The Help

The Help

My job is to wait for a calling.  Help those who have no one at all and then fall back when I’ve helped enough. Falling back hurts though, but what else am I supposed to do when my mouth is tired of talking.  I get tired of people and become robotic. Unable to function because there are daggers in my chest and if I move too fast my heart will bleed. I silence myself for protection. It’s called the silent treatment for a reason. it’s the best remedy for a poet with a sharp mouth piece.  People will show you when they want you to shut up; so don’t speak. Silence Can be filled with inner turmoil or peace. Lately it’s been a war between both entities. Not  being able to speak with the ones you love is appalling. Bodies depart but the essence of love remains.   I have no control over where the lord places me, and obedience is a charm of mines, so I adapt to my placement perfectly. I was reliable, patient, loving and kind. I sacrificed for my sisters. I watched faulty circumstances c

No doggy Zone

Could you turn off the dog in you off for just a second? Fishing for fish but you are not able to see the real goddess before you! Baby a blessing 😜 How many of my nights ruined by arrogance 😭 Thinking honestly why cant you just cherish this...  Cherish the chatter the laughter the moments that are genuine 😁 the thought of some one lusting about what was between my legs, what was behind my back and what was placed on my chest. Dude really! You are a mess! There is more too me than sexiness. Could you just turn the dog in you off for just a second! I want a mutual attraction, An every week interaction(everyday gets boring too quick) I’m sorry I’m not looking for temporary satisfaction. If you would just turn down your testosterone a bit, and look at me with nothing but the eagerness to learn about me and my brain full of shit maybe we could make something worth the wild and be lit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚