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 We twisted those beautiful moments with bitter words and shattered our reflection. Neither you or I can justify the war between 2 beautiful brains 

We took those precious memories, and stomped out any light left in a deferred dream. Can you tell me the reason for our season?

What lesson did we teach each-other that we haven’t already seen? Was I not humble enough of a women did you not accept my apologies. Do I frighten you? Are you afraid if you gave me your best shot, I wouldn’t shoot back? 

It would have been better for me to turn down my intensity. I used to wish there was a way for me to tone it down, but I know now that it wouldn’t really be me. 

To not question your intentions or the reason why you raise your voice

at me. To listen, to watch, to feel so

Carefully.  To question all things that come my way. It wouldn’t be me to be so care-free.

I wanted to stand by you because I seen you searching for placement and your heart was aching from always being on your sleeve. I seen you broken, confused, and bruised from all the past relationships that were full of trickery. 

You didn’t trust my heart, every word I spoke from your ears was full of game. I say this as the great Aretha Franklin sang, “ain’t no way for me to love you if you won’t let me.” 

You kept saying you were trying to find yourself but we will always find another part of who we are as we age. I know the Bible says strive for perfection but God knows it’ll never be something we can obtain. I was more than willing to let you lead me if for once  you gave me my way.

Your favorite saying, “ Girl you to smart for your own good” is a down fall but also a blessing because I can read from any page. But for our love we’ve missed the mark, too much hurt on both ends, too much shame. The door is closed, walls built high. They won’t come down, they are being guarded by ego, pride and pain.

Body’s depart but the essence

Of love remains 🖤💙


The Help

Soul Dancing Unapolgetically

 I have been too fearful of my own potential, my own strengths and my own voice. I let my broken pieces define me and became content with being a mess.  Is everyone this hard on themselves or am I too rigid to see that my flaws are human, nothing less. That my pain is identifiable that my fears are shackles of the brain, and my potential is undeniable.  Where did I learn to self-hate? Who can I truly Blame for such an ugly pattern of I’m not happy to wake up and see my own face.  I get so stuck in my misery that I block out the whole world until I feel like myself  again.   It takes too much energy to dwell in the past, and even more to pass around smiles that are fake.  I find myself disconnecting from my core, and I see only the masquerade I bore. It gets dark, so dark when you’re an empath who can feel to the depths of ones soul.  I will take on all the negative energy but in hopes that something nurturing can be reborn.  They say don’t let anyone throw that on you and I won’t anymo

No Ethnicity

By: Jasmine Hudspeth

Belong To Me

 I am comfortable with the fact that no one belongs to me. It makes the challenge for love so much more sweet. The idea that someone is with you because they choose to be, is what makes it honorable even through those moments of misery.  I love, love, but can be complacent in such a fantasied daydream. I fight wars within myself to pull me back down to what I find as a rude awakening .  Some will find it odd that with all I have been through I still have the will to be so optimistic on a world that's shown me, the crooked and exposed me to some of mankind's ugliest ways. There aren't very many people who fearlessly  dream, tirelessly believe, or know how to balance transparency. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Belong to me because you want too. Wear my love like armor every where you go.  Choose me because its frees you, don't break my heart because it will always be yours. Be