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Let He Who Stole No Longer Steal

This painting was inspired by: Lauryn Hill (Mystery of Iniquity)  and the last guy I dealt with I  felt like our connection was 70%  on fleek and the 30% was the lack of growth from the situation . I mean 2 people don't go back and forth unless they really like each other and if it was just a fling there wouldn't be any reason for us to argue.  I told him that he was a brick wall because he didn't want to let anyone near his heart. The hurt he had felt in the past stopped him from wanting to  receive  love..... NOW I see he was the one who was stealing happiness from me and I can no longer let him do that to me! I am a loving, and devoted individual and I can not let anybody stop me from MAINTAING my inner peace. His hurt from the past is something that he should have dealt with before he got involved with someone and his pain is what caused him to put me through a whole lot of BS. 

Earth and Water

I painted this picture after watching BLACK PANTHER... It symbolizes the relationship of man and women (yin and Yang).In the man's eyes it holds the earth which is stability. To me a man should be grounded. In the women's eyes there are raindrops: women are emotionally driven. Water and earth go together perfectly and don't exist without one another. Water nurtures the earth, and earth gives water containment. Men should bring emotional stability to the relationship and the women will nurture that stability and this will create a beautiful union.

No doggy Zone

Could you turn off the dog in you off for just a second? Fishing for fish but you are not able to see the real goddess before you! Baby a blessing 😜 How many of my nights ruined by arrogance 😭 Thinking honestly why cant you just cherish this...  Cherish the chatter the laughter the moments that are genuine 😁 the thought of some one lusting about what was between my legs, what was behind my back and what was placed on my chest. Dude really! You are a mess! There is more too me than sexiness. Could you just turn the dog in you off for just a second! I want a mutual attraction, An every week interaction(everyday gets boring too quick) I’m sorry I’m not looking for temporary satisfaction. If you would just turn down your testosterone a bit, and look at me with nothing but the eagerness to learn about me and my brain full of shit maybe we could make something worth the wild and be lit 😂😂