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Wake up Don’t let the ones who neglect you confuse you   The forbidden fruit is what caused us to see skin, what caused us to have greed, pride and jealousy, its what caused us to cover up and hide from God. We should really check our mentality. I am no better than the Asian lady who does my nails, I am no better than my White/Hispanic best friend or the Mexican server at my favorite dine in. My savior is not black, white, Asian or Hispanic he stepped foot on earth before there was a such thing called “race”. I am connected to people through spirit not skin. I admire blue eyes and brown eyes if they speak truth from within. We should be able to enjoy all people from all nationalities, with any complexion. light skin, dark skin it shouldn’t matter to begin. don’t build yourself up to where you knock others down, we were created in God’s image equally. Remove yourself from the flesh and connect with others soulfully, connect with people through ways that your eyes cannot reac

Fuck love

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Dreaming into submission thinking damn I really miss him, I hate dudes who are objective to commitment like this blinded intimacy is better when you let me love you because you would never have to question my intentions Why do men do this to women? I mean why Fuck something if you don’t see an ending vision, why is it so easy to take advantage of the one who has feelings. i really be feeling you but then you show your ass, making us have to end it. Ohh lord have mercy on this generation. because they are all burning either their genitals or the way they go about fornication; Hard rock, hard Rock let me in I don’t know why you would make me cry. Feeling like damn I thought this dude was genuine. Sometimes I want to call you just to see if you even think of me. But if you did you would take the first shot… I cannot undo those moments, or the lost time I invested into you my love   but I can turn my heart cold… and when I say cold I mean frozen solid not letting

Let He Who Stole No Longer Steal

This painting was inspired by: Lauryn Hill (Mystery of Iniquity)  and the last guy I dealt with I  felt like our connection was 70%  on fleek and the 30% was the lack of growth from the situation . I mean 2 people don't go back and forth unless they really like each other and if it was just a fling there wouldn't be any reason for us to argue.  I told him that he was a brick wall because he didn't want to let anyone near his heart. The hurt he had felt in the past stopped him from wanting to  receive  love..... NOW I see he was the one who was stealing happiness from me and I can no longer let him do that to me! I am a loving, and devoted individual and I can not let anybody stop me from MAINTAING my inner peace. His hurt from the past is something that he should have dealt with before he got involved with someone and his pain is what caused him to put me through a whole lot of BS.