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Out of Bounds

  My boundaries that can seem to make others mad are a reflection of what I see as my self worth. It can be  hard to hurt the ones you love with brutal honesty but eye opening to know the lack there of is a crutch of codependency.  I keep falling in and out of love with myself. I cling to those for comfort but find myself outside of my comfort zone as I slave to my loved ones every need. The hard decision of should I just let them have it or speak up and destroy everything.  I find that some of the people that I have bonded with fall out of bound with my boundaries. It's a devastating matter at hands. I try my best not to fight the crudest part my personality. When I do I realize it's a battle of being who I am and what others want me to be.  It feels like they want me to swallow my imperfections and at all times have my heart on my sleeve. A friend told me to be careful when people play you to close. Over loaded texts, keeping tab on your time. Seems like someone is trying to

God's Playground

 We live in God's Universal playground. We at times miss the concept that we are too the products of the great inventor. That we too can build, construct, create ideas to plans, to models and plant into the word something new.   I'm on this journey to find healing and myself. I have cancelled out any distractions, from family, friends, and temporary lovers'; to  find solitude in the silence knowing god will speak to me.  God created a playground we call the universe to work for us. At times we believe it's going against us too. The jungle Jim isn't everyone's strength and some of us get sick to our stomachs on the sea-saw.  The playground has something for all of us to enjoy.  We are placed into the universe with the will to play at our own expense; to live, learn and to love but also to fail, unlearn, dislike and die. God created everything in a pattern like night to day, cold to heat and up from down.  We evolve but at the same time we stay the same. We each h

Let Your Heartbreak

 Black women where does your pain lie.  You are hardened like a rock and fabricate your strength so easily. Cold  weeps beside the moon, when will those tears stop falling. When will the cycle of these generational curses cease.  How can I ever find me without knowing you. Black mama cold, silent, and bruised. Let your hearts break Iyana says, Let your heart break!  Crumble, fail, fall and start anew. Let those wounds bleed every ounce of regret,  Cry those tears of past neglect, heal your heart because  struggle is something we are all  bound too. Leave your soul bare, and let the universe breath life back into you  black women don't be so timid, don't throw too many facades, let down your braids and let your heartbreak. Let it break, let it crumble, let it down, so like gravity it will rise back up again.