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Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Love

Have you ever came in contact with your twin flame? Someone who mirrors you in ways that are unexplained. You see yourself through them, understand them And know they can’t be replaced. Have you ever came in contact with your soulmate? Souls that are familiar and conjoined at the hip. Souls that cannot be separated through time nor space. Souls that when they’re  in close contact will  vibrate. That feed off of one another and make each person whole again. Have you ever known love? Love that is far beyond sexual exchange. Love that sneaks up on you Mysteriously.  Shaping and molding you to the person you’re supposed to be. A love that’s unapologetic and comes with arms stretched naturally. A love That’s magnetic pulling and tugging against every fiber in your being. A love That has no logic, it cannot be explained. It can be felt through the Skirts of your conscious, reached through the tunnel of your third eye and Caught by a butterfly in your tummy. The type of l

Gods gifts

Woman you are a saint! You have sewed together souls to bodies that would have never had a chance to survive. You’re gods golden glue as he  binds you with wisdom and passion. You rock it  in a Christian like  fashion that only a woman of god would understand. Woman you are fierce. Your sentiment is your pain. Your joy is your power! Woman you are breathtaking. With every word spoken and unspoken. You are full of charismatic character, god took his time shaping you. You breathe love and live life and you're sanctified by the word. Man you’re are steadfast and sturdy. Built solid as  you are the foundation to a nation. You are everything a black man wishes to be. Successful, loved and carelessly happy. Man you are driven. Working down to the bones building America’s back. No fear or challenge could stop you from being promised. Man you are sealed. Guarding the souls of gods children. Protecting them by all means. Cool ,placid and reserved as a lion takes its tim

Set Yourself Free

 My past and presence running Intermingled. Demons laughing, dancing and enjoying their time in my realm. I’m losing sleep I’m giving up time. Demons get off me Don’t try to hid psychological  damage with self- deceit. Fool yourself once now the excuse is almost always, “It wasn’t me”. Everything isn’t an argument , fight, or debate. Demons get out of me Awaken what’s pure and blind to the eye before your soul becomes weak. The demons inside of you Control your thoughts. Don’t let them keep you from your peace. Demon get behind me Don’t look at it everyday: the flaw, the awe the captivity.set yourself free!